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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Airline hell

I received notice last night after midnight that Icelandair could not confirm that my bag would reach me in time before our cruise departed. So they advised that I go shopping and buy what I "needed for the cruise."

Through Facebook Messenger,  I have now been told that my bag was forwarded from Manchester to Copenhagen but that the airline cannot yet confirm its arrival. How can mankind send a spaceship to Mars, but not confirm a duffle bag being received on Earth?

My duffle bag may circumnavigate our planet for eternit!😩

Friday, August 11, 2017

A wasted day of shopping

All these great museums in Copenhagen and we wasted most of today shopping. Replenishing my wardrobe was a priority after the wonderful folks at Icelandair confirmed late last night (sorta) that my duffle bag was located in Manchester, England. All efforts to send it here to Copenhagen have been in vain so far.

The only way I was able to contact a human being at Icelandair was through their Facebook page and ultimately Messenger. They advised me to go shopping and submit my receipts to them. We are still holding out some hope that my bag may arrive here before we cast off tomorrow on the Windstar cruise.

Meanwhile, today, Pete (who hates to shop) served as my fashion coordinator as we hit store after store on the Stroget (main shopping street in Copenhagen). We hit the cheapest store in town, H&M, looking for at least three outfits. Then a new suitcase, underwear (cannot do without that), rainwear and a few other items.

We rewarded ourselves with a fabulous three-course dinner (actually six-course) at Host, a top-notch restaurant with friends tonight.

Still no further word about my luggage. It has disappeared into the black hole of airport-land.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lots to see in Copenhagen

We took a short walk in Copenhagen when we arrived yesterday, before heading to a tasty dinner at The Fishmarket. The Marble Church was quite impressive, especially its domed ceiling.

A plethora of long-legged young women in super stylish garb paraded by our outdoor table as we dined. What was going on? It seems that FASHION WEEK is occurring in the Danish capital. And all these gals were thrilled to be wearing the latest styles. We were definitely not in Williamsburg any more!

Today we joined Jake and Diane for a free three-hour walking tour of the city. Saw City Hall, Parliament, canals and bridges, and lot of colorful buildings that had NOT burned down in the many fires that wiped out portions of this city long ago. The ROYALS are not in town, but we watched a changing of the Guard and learned a lot about the Royal family, who are quite popular here.

Enjoyed a tasty lunch of avocados, etc. on open sandwiches, before calling Icelandair and taking a canalboat cruise. LOTS more colorful buildings, low bridges, and googads of tourists. But still no duffle bag. I'm getting really tired of my clothes!

Off to Tivoli Gardens for a dinner of wiener schnitzel and a walk around this well-lit amusement park. Bumped into Sudie and Rich at the restaurant!

Copenhagen clothes????

Icelandair cannot locate my duffle bag. It has been "missing in action" for almost 48 hours. The clothes I flew in are getting a lot of use and I am not happy with the airline folks who cannot determine where my duffle is. Did it leave Dulles? Is it still in Iceland? Or is it in one of the humongous containers we saw at the luggage carousel yesterday at Copenhagen airport? It seems that Icelandair is "overwhelmed by luggage problems" at the moment. We may need to head back to the airport tomorrow to visually inspect the numerous bins holding lost luggage to look for it.

UPS, FedEx and even the much maligned US Postal Service can track mail and packages, but Icelandair cannot manage this task.

We may need to spend one of our two days in Copenhagen shopping tomorrow for my new wardrobe for our cruise that leaves on Saturday. This is definitely a first world problem, I admit, but it is still very frustrating.

I cannot look at my orange shirt for one more day. 😡

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Iceland cough?

Is there such an affliction as Iceland cough? We are a bit conerned as we sit in the airport here, waiting for our Copenhagen flight. Gonna get my face mask out soon since a lot of fellow passengers are hacking.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Off to Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid called. So we booked a Windstar cruise on the Baltic Sea with six friends. So much to look forward to. I'm hoping to see googads of wind turbines as we approach tomorrow because Denmark is the #1 producer of wind energy in the world. And Copenhagen aims to be the first carbon-free capital by 2025.

Flying out of Dulles Airport later tonight for a few days in Copenhagen before the cruise departs.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Two sips vs. one sip

Sharing a wine tasting seemed like the sensible thing to do this morning. But four wineries and one lunch later? Not so sure.

A nap then seemed sensible back at our bed and breakfast in McMinnville.

We started off at Vista Hills winery with its amazing vista. Hence the name.

Our bed and breakfast host. Martha, gave us Grapepicking 101 before we enjoyed our first tasting of the day at 10 a.m.

Then off to the mega new "clubhouse" (not a tasting room) at Domaine Serene for another shared tasting.

Another tasting or two before lunch at a nearby bistro.

So many Oregon wineries . . . and so little time.